Our main brewery is located in Caspe, one of the most important municipalities of the province of Zaragoza, both by number of inhabitants and by extension, located approximately one hour from the capital of Aragon (Spain). There we brew most of our production, especially the one that goes to breweries and specialized stores throughout Spain and many points in the rest of Europe.

We work only with the best raw materials, prioritizing the quality of our beers on the cost reduction. This involves using barley malt instead of other cheaper cereals, such as corn or rice; fresh hops of different varieties and provenances; and even ecological and proximity ingredients. Only in this way an exceptional product is achieved.

We made many different styles of beer, mainly of high fermentation. We are passionate about hops and we do not skimp on it when it comes to making a good IPA, but we also love more balanced styles, dark beers, sours or those where malt is the main character. In the variety is the taste and customers of Cierzo Brewing Co. know it well, that’s why we make beers for all palates. Because there are not people who do not like beer, but people who have not yet found their style.

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