Cierzo Brewing Co. is Zaragoza’s craft beer. Real beer, without substitutes, noble and with soul. Our way of understanding this millenary drink, which is only perfect when it’s brewed with passion, respecting each recipe, its times and its ingredients.


All our beers are brewed with natural ingredients of the highest quality, without substitutes or artificial aroma or flavor enhancers. In addition, we neither filter nor pasteurize our beers, since at Cierzo Brewing we prioritize that our product maintain all its organoleptic characteristics, forgoing extending its useful life through said processes. This is how we understand craft beer. For this reason, we recommend to all our customers, distributors and consumers that they keep the beers cold for as long as possible until they are ready to be consumed, or at least in a cool place, as this will contribute in a very positive way when it comes to maintaining their qualities.

The Cierzo Brewing beers that you can buy in our online store and in our brewpub in Zaragoza (Spain), as well as those that can be found in tap rooms, bars, restaurants, coffee shops and specialized beer stores throughout Europe, are mostly brewed in our main brewery, in Caspe (Zaragoza), except for those that are brewed directly in the brewpub, which are only available in said establishment, or when it involves collaborations with other breweries and are brewed in the breweries of said collaborators. In all cases, we always use top quality malts, grains, hops, yeasts and other materials, which we acquire through our national and international suppliers.

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In our brewpub, located in the center of Zaragoza, we elaborate and sell beer, as well as offering restaurant services.


cierzo brewing fábrica cerveza artesana zaragoza caspe

Our main brewery, in the town of Caspe, supplies all our clients in Spain and the rest of Europe.

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