Funky Potion #3: Uvas moscatel
(Pack de 6 botellas)


Barrel-aged Sour for 12 months with moscatel grapes.

5% ABV.

6-pack 75 cl bottles.

In stock

funky potion sour cerveza zaragoza
6 × Funky Potion #3: Uvas moscatel
Sour añejada en barrica durante 12 meses con uvas moscatel. 5%. Botella de 75cl.

In stock


This unique and delicious concoction is the result of the patience and work of millions of yeasts and other microorganisms. Starting with primary fermentation, with Philly Sour on a base of malted barley and unmalted wheat. Then, during the year they spent enclosed in oak barrels, accompanied by 8 kg of moscatel grapes. And finally in this bottle, where they are still working right now, making this product something unique.

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